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Hi my name is Jody. 

My husband Rhys and I are the new owners of Just Raw Marlborough.
I look forward to continuing valued relationships with existing customers and welcome new ones.

My focus will be to continue to deliver great raw food products but my specialty will be producing a variety of handmade patties with incredible flavours!! The patties are the perfect way to feed your pets a nutritionally balanced meal. 

We are not animal experts, and nor do we claim to be, but what we are, is people who love to see healthy pets who live with vitality, energy and longevity through the food that they are feed.
If you have ever researched "Raw Feeding" you have probably heard how your pet is meant to have a raw diet. How their teeth were built for ripping and crushing. How their digestive systems were designed to handle raw meat and bone.  Our goal is to help make it easier for you to provide a well balanced, nutritional Just Raw (raw and natural) diet to your furry friends and introduce you to the many benefits of doing so. Your pets will love you for it.  Raw dog food. natural dog food manufacturer

On this site you will find information on raw feeding, nutritional requirements, a list of our products with prices and our contact details. Please do not hesitate to call us with any queries you may have.

Treat your pets - they will love you for it!   

Phone: 021 226 9913
Email: info@justraw.nz

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