Beef & Green Tripe Mince (a 50/50 split of our premium beef mince and minced green tripe (beef))

Minced and mixed together then frozen into patties

Green tripe is considered a superfood for dogs! It promotes the correct stomach acidity for optimised digestion, it is nutrient rich containing probiotics, calcium and protein just to name a few!  It might small a bit funky - but the smellier the better to your dog!  Green tripe can be quite rich to dogs starting out on a raw diet so we have mixed it with our popular premium beef which will help you get used to the smell.

Suitable for : Dogs and cats of all sizes and ages (although cats can be fussy when it comes to tripe!)

Specifically suited to : Dogs with digestive problems and upset stomachs, pets just starting out on raw feeding, can be used as an appetite stimulant for pets that need to be encouraged to eat.

Hand Crafted BEEF and GREEN TRIPE Patties 1KG